Hi. I am a writer and translator. I was born in Atlanta and moved to Las Vegas with mom when I was nine. I spent my summers back in the south with dad, stepmom, and two brothers. Having been raised in those bright and strange cities, I can say I like to dance and am drawn to things that glow.

My first full-length poetry collection Sugar Work was the Editor's Choice for the 2020 Alice James Award and will be published in June 2022. You can preorder it here

I mostly write poems--and sometimes essays. I am currently translating a scifi novel-in-progress by Luis Othoniel and the poetry of Nicole Cecilia Delgado. My work has appeared in North American Review, Guernica, Waxwing, and other literary magazines. In 2017, I was the recipient James Dickey Prize for Poetry at Five Points and have received fellowships from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts and the Nebraska Arts Council. I like to collaborate across scholarly and artistic disciplines. In 2019, I created an outdoor, sonic, intertextual, and architectural poetry installation based on the work of Alejandra Pizarnik. I earned a BA in Spanish from Westmont College and an MFA in Poetry from Bennington College.

Right now I am a PhD student in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I teach and work as the Prairie Schooner Book Prize Coordinator. My research focuses on the history of the lyric poem in a broad sense but specficially by women writers from the US since 1945; additionally, I am studying poetry collections written in two or more languages by women from the US and Latin American since the 1960s.