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F R I  |  O C T  7th

Reading & Book Drive
Francie & Finch Book Store
Lincoln, NE | 5:30pm CST
Featuring Trey Moody, Ryan Boland, and Bianca Swift

W E D  |  S E P T  1 4th

Dundee Book Company 
Omaha, NE | 7pm CST
Featuring Trey Moody and Liz Kay

F R I  |  J U L Y  1st

Book Launch
Kiechel Fine Art 
Lincoln, NE | 6-8pm CST 
Featuring Jamaica BaldwinKatie Schmid, and DJ HairBrain.
Virtual option will be available.

T H U R S  |  A P R I L  7th

Salamander Issue #53 Virtual Reading
Registration link here.
6-7pm EST

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